Hi! my name is Jefferson and I’m Product Designer working with Design from User Experience, through User Interface until the Front-end Development.


University of Vila Velha: Product Designer (2012 ā€“ 2018)

Working at UVV ( I had the opportunity to improve my skills as designer and front-end developer. My biggest challenge here was to create and improve projects that helps the interaction between students, teachers and the University. When I say projects I mean websites, systems, apps and all kind of digital information.


FAESA: Web Designer (1 year and 7 months)

At FAESA ( I had the opportunity to develop their brand, a new website and graphic design campaigns with focus on increase the number of students to the college.


Phidelis: Product Designer & Front-end Developer (2012 ā€“ Current)

Phidelis ( is a company that provides system solutions with focus on education for Universities, Colleges and Schools. I started to work as a freelancer for this company through the closer contact that I had when I started to work at the University of Vila Velha. Here Iā€™m responsible for create and develop ideas related to education. E.G: Sites and hotsites for selling courses, apps that work as services, branding and rebranding, and all kinds of designer jobs.

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