Hi, my name is Jefferson! I’m Product Designer curious about design, digital services, startup ideas and good experiences. Working to make people’s lives better by changing the way they relate with products and services.


PicPay: Product Designer (2019 – Current)

PicPay ( is a start up company with the mission to change the way people relate with money. As Product Designer I work in squads to improve their App and Inner Products like systems and brand.


University of Vila Velha: Product Designer (2012 ā€“ 2018)

Working at UVV ( I had the opportunity to improve my skills as product designer. My biggest challenge here was to create and improve projects that helps the interaction between students, teachers and the University. When I say projects I mean websites, systems, apps and all kind of digital information.


FAESA: Web Designer (1 year and 7 months)

At FAESA ( I had the opportunity to develop their brand, a new website and graphic design campaigns with focus on increase the number of students to the college.


Phidelis: Freelancer as Product Designer (2012 ā€“ Current)

Phidelis ( is a company that provides system solutions with focus on education for Universities, Colleges and Schools. I started to work as a freelancer for this company through the closer contact that I had when I started to work at the University of Vila Velha. Here Iā€™m responsible for create and develop ideas related to education. E.G: Sites and hotsites for selling courses, apps that work as services, branding and rebranding, and all kinds of designer jobs.

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